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29 October 2015

We Get it Series - The Attack of the Snack

Posted by Magdalena from FTT
You’ve said it yourselves - on your way to the gym, the hunger pains strike and you end up taking the left turn into taco bell instead #whoops. LET’S FACE IT, we’ve all taken that wrong turn before and ever since then, have been on a mission to find some sort of miracle cure to resist these temptations. It is so easy to take the quick fix option to rid the cravings and a lot of the time that means fast food.. it’s called fast food for a reason, right? Yeah, well it’s also pretty quick in getting your tummy from flat to blaaah. 

For this reason, at Flat Tummy Tea HQ we’re all about taking the natural approach (mostly) to suppress that appetite and keep the case of munchies under control. Don’t worry babes, we’ve heard your #whoops cries and here’s our top tips to staying on track.

Whoops moment - “Eating a whole pack of honey soy chips and tiny teddies after watching the notebook.” @libby_hancock

We understand what it’s like to start watching a movie and immediately crave snacks, especially when it comes to romances. Emotional eating.. it’s a thing! There is also such thing as a healthy couch snack, say what?! One of our favourite couch snacks is popcorn, cliche we know but it’s such a winner. We don’t mean the buttery, microwave packs #partypoopers, but the natural corn which you air pop in a pot. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise, you get so much more than you expect and it’s like less than 31 calories per cup…. add a cup of Flat Tummy Tea Cleanse and you’ll be feeling even better than you were before. Hello, Ryan Gosling! 

Whoops moment 
- “Getting all dressed up for the gym in my new workout clothes and shoes and on the way to the gym sidelining it to get beers and burgers with college friends” @breanimal89

Beers and burgers are two B words we find hard to resist but we also know the two B words which are often a result of this…bloat’s a bitch! Influence from friends or family play a huge part in the decisions you make and a lot of the time it’s hard to say no. This is where we recommend a relationship break… we mean the relationship between you and your phone. No distractions mean you can get your workout done without scrolling through a Instagram feed filled with food posts #fomo. We guarantee you won’t be craving that burger and beer once you join your friends after a killer sweat sesh. 

Whoops moment
 - "Ate an entire bag of candy before I got out of bed” @lindseystelzig

Ok first things first babes, having a secret stash of candy in your room is literally a recipe for disaster. This is a no go zone! Fuelling your body with good food in the morning is super important to get and keep you on track for the rest of the day. Whether you wake up with a raging hangover or don’t have time to make anything, there are so many ways you can get fuel for your body without munching on a whole bag of candy. A cup of Flat Tummy Activate tea, eggs and a side of fruit will satisfy any hangover or sweet cravings. We’ll take that thanks! 

Whoops moment
-  “Worked out then ate a double cheese burger and a chicken sandwich” @im_chocolate_right 

Wahoo, workout complete = 10 points to us! Let’s reward ourselves with cheeseburgers and treats. HOLD UP! Not thinking straight, it’s easy to make some rash decisions and post workout cravings have a way of getting to us. What if you do resist those cheeseburger cravings and eat a healthy snack but you STILL feel hungry? This is because the brain can sometimes confuse a lack of liquid with not enough food, triggering hunger pains. When you work out, you sweat #duh so your body needs plenty of water to stay hydrated. There is such an easy solution to this just by keeping a bottle of water by your side at all times, plus a cup of Cleanse tea to finish the day will help with any of those sneaky late night cravings. 
So babes, no excuses. Go from #whoops to #winning in one cup (of Flat Tummy Tea) flat.