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We’re Not Some Fad “Weight Loss” Tea

Weight loss tea is just another one of those fads that promise epic results in minimal time. You know the saying… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Flat Tummy tea is not a fad weight loss tea. Our tea works naturally with your body to reduce bloating and detoxify your system. The end result is a supercharged metabolism, flatter tummy and increased energy levels. You’ll feel healthier, lighter and back on top!

So, ditch the backup dress, we’ve got you. Because let’s face it, bloat’s a bitch.  Flat Tummy Tea gives you the fat burning antioxidants it needs to reduce bloating and help you feel lighter.

We are natural tea lovers and do our best to live a healthy lifestyle (we’re good mostly). So why our tea cleanse? The tea itself is made from earth grown ingredients that are combined to make a tea detox. The fat fighting ingredients work to relieve your body of toxins and speed up your metabolism. The end result? A flat tummy, a healthy glow and you’ll feel so good you wont want to take that little black dress off.

Girls from all around the world are loving Flat Tummy Tea and that flat tummy feeling and are always sending us their amazing results. Check out their results and reviews on the FTT insta below:

@katieraezn "my miserable bloat is gone"

"Just finished my Two Week Trim and I just wanted to say thanks so much! Even with the slip-ups of the holidays, my miserable bloat is gone. I never thought I'd feel so great! no grogginess means it's easier to get out of bed in the morning and I'm more comfortable in my clothes. Can't wait to order more! Cheers ladies xxx" 

@Katy_LeRoy "Thanks for your amazing product!!"

"Ok just want you to know that your tea is a game changer! This is my 3rd round & I love it! I used to be 215 & now I'm 140.. I used your tea to lose those last couple pounds and to keep me in shape! I recommend this tea to everyone! Love love love! I even got more in my stocking for Christmas! Guess I have been nice.. Thanks for your amazing product!!"

@beautybycrysss "I have never felt so thin"

"I just wanted to show my results 2 weeks into my Flat Tummy Tea! I am very please with my results and have never felt so thin! Thanks so much!" 

@young.aphrodite "I feel so much stronger, healthier and more confident."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much!! For a really long time I've been struggling with my weight because of a tough time when I battled anorexia. Long story short, I ended up gaining all of the weight back, plus I messed up my metabolism very badly. I finally ordered some Flat Tummy Tea, and although I'm no where near my goal, I feel so much stronger, healthier and more confident, not to mention my skin is practically glowing. I could almost hug everyone over at FTT."

The Problem With Many “Weight Loss Tea” Blends

Unlike other products that claim their tea is for weight loss, we’re not going to give you that crap.  Claiming that you will lose 5 kg’s in 1 week is way too unrealistic. Let’s be real. Instead, you can reduce bloating, kick start your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and increase your energy levels.

So let’s get back to basics. Unlike many teas that contain artificial stimulants and laxatives, Flat Tummy Tea is a blend of up to 12 natural ingredients that have been carefully selected and used by thousands of girls worldwide to reduce bloating, speed up their metabolism and reduce sweet cravings that can have long term weight loss benefits. Even better? It tastes amazing!

How Flat Tummy Tea Works

So you want to get a flat tummy? Here’s the low down. Flat Tummy Tea detox consists of a 2 step program. Each morning, drink a cup of the Activate tea which is made up of all natural ingredients that help get your body kick started for the day ahead. Every second evening, drink the Cleanse tea which helps cleanse and detoxify your body.

So babe, it’s that easy. Flat Tummy Tea will give you that head start you need to getting back on top.

Need Flat Tummy Tea? Check out our 4 Week Detox (FT FOUR) or 2 Week Detox (FT TWO).